FALC Programs


Trap Neuter Release

Feline Advocates of Leon County's TNR program has successfully trapped and released over ?? spayed & neutered cats.


Trap Neuter Release is a common objective done in rescue in which a feral, stray, or unsocialized outside cat is caught, fixed, and released back where they were found. Cat's that are TNR'd also have one of their ear's tipped at the time of their spay or neuter so other rescues know they have already been trapped and fixed.

This stray kitty pictured here wondered into the trap during an attempt to catch a different cat.



Fostering is a great way to be directly involved in the rehabilitation of shy or unsocial cats of all ages, or the potential of hand raising kittens, all without the financial burden on the caretaker. Although it can be challenging, it is extremely rewarding as our kitties find their furever home with wonderful families. FALC currently has over 30 cats split between 14 different fosters.

Pictured here is Ladybug nursing her kittens she had while in our foster program. Ladybug and her babybugs have all been happily adopted.



Different kinds of fundraisers are held throughout each year to raise funds to help FALC continue our TNR, foster, and other programs. We have held and participated in multiple share nights at restaurants, bake sales, annual disc golf tournaments, garage sales, art auctions, etc. 

COVID-19 has unfortunately halted, and cancelled some of the fundraisers planned and in the works this year.

Pictured is Melissa Blake and Michelle Hartsfield chatting at the "For Cat's Sake" upscale art auction

Fat Cat Cafe


The Fat Cat Cafe was switched to a non-profit under FALC in early 2019. The cafe has been a tremendous avenue for adoptions through FALC and other local rescue partners such as Smitten With Kittens, ECAH, and the C.A.R.E program, while socializing cats and kittens with each other and people of all ages.


To date the cafe has adopted out over 770 cats since August 2017. 

Here a customer lays with a kitten from Smitten With Kittens, while she enjoys her visit.

Fat Cat Books


Fat Cat Books, is FALC's second location, and is a used book store/adoption center for adult and senior cats, located in Railroad Square. Used books are for sale as older kitties lounge around and are also available for adoption. 

Here, Sara Jones, and Melissa Blake talk to a customer during the grand opening.

Senior Citizen Outreach


Several FALC cats and kittens have traveled to multiple senior citizen homes and organizations to engage residents and provide them with animal relief.

This program also aims to promote the benefits a furry feline could provide senior citizens as an owner, as well as the care they can offer for the cats in return.