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Board of Directors


Michelle Hartsfield, President

Local high school teacher by day, cat rescuer by night! For years I had daydreamed about starting a cat cafe. Through dedication and persistence, we made it happen with the help of some incredible people. Then, a few years into the operation, and after witnessing the dire need for more resources to help cats in Tallahassee, we evolved into a full-blown cat rescue saving over 300 cats per year and finding them forever homes. I am so proud of our team!


Sara Jones, Vice President

My name is Sara and I'm a kitten rescuer. My expertise is in fostering neonatal orphaned kittens and I'm a trained bottle feeder. It's so rewarding to help tiny kittens that can't walk, see, eat solid food develop into healthy adoptable cats! I'm also passionate about educating the public on working together to protect and create more resources for saving kittens. Outside of cat rescue I enjoy playing the violin, cuddling my 3 cats, and my career as a scientist


Melissa Blake, Director

My passion for Cat Rescue began after seeing firsthand what a pressing issue cat homelessness is in the Leon County area. I began taking care of the neighborhood cats after their owners moved and left them behind. After successfully fostering and adopting out a few kitties on my own, I realized this was something I wanted to continue doing. 


Cailee Geddis, Director

I'm Cailee, and I love all animals! I just recently graduated in the Fall of 2020, with my Bachelor's in Psychology. I've been with Fat Cat Cafe since it's opening and love helping people find their new family member! FALC and everyone involved in the rescue is one giant family and I love how we all genuinely care about each other and the kitties.

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Lindsey Viramontes, Director

My name is Lindsey and I've been crazy cat lady all my life! I have been working at Fat Cat Cafe for almost 2 years and also work at Paws and Claws Veterinary Hospital. I have 5 cats that I rescued as kittens including Sirius here, my maine coon. I love animals, music, painting, and spending time with my husband and son. 


Becky Kring, Director

Books and reading. And now cats, too. The rescued cats who live at Fat Cat Books won me over when I helped shelve books there during Pandemic Year #1. I have a civil servant day job but the patient FALC humans teach me a little more daily about cat rescue, why it's needed, cat care, and, as T.S.  Eliot put it: "how you ad-dress a cat." The passion and dedication of FALC's directors, volunteers, and kitty foster parents, and generosity of our patrons continually motivate me and renew my outlook on Life.


Megan Bosley, Director

Hi I'm Megan and I currently go to Florida State to study biology! I started working with Fat Cat Books then Fat Cat Cafe back in May and June of 2021. Since then, I have put in a lot of hard work and am now the Fat Cat Books manager! I love getting to work with all the kitties and getting to care for them and see them grow. It has meant so much to me to work with the rescue to help save as many cat lives as we can. Our cat crew is one big happy family getting to do what we love!


Gisele Poitras, Director

Hey there, my name is Gisele and I am a senior at FSU studying psychology, as well as an employee at Canopy Cove Eating Disorder Treatment Facility, here in Tallahassee. My love for rescuing cats is almost as strong as my obsession with my own rescues. I adopted QT in August of 2021, when he was 13 from Fat Cat Bookstore. I instantly fell in love with the rescue, just like I fell in love with QT. Several months later, he is now 14 and living his best life, and I am the FALC Foster Coordinator and Board Member! I am so honored and appreciative to be a part of this wonderful and passionate group, dedicated to saving, protecting, and loving the kitties!

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